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  • Social Responsibility
    Social responsibility policies and approaches

    Jiawei group complies with national as well as international labor laws and regulations, and other applicable industry standards or international conventions. Jiawei continuously improves working conditions and employee benefits, and to meet the expectations of stakeholders such as consumers, clients, the public and the government. Together with quality management, social responsibility management is an integral part of the company's daily operations, and fulfilling social responsibility is a necessary condition for the company to provide good products to meet the customers' needs. The company appoints senior managers to be responsible for social responsibility management, including establishment, implementation and maintenance of a good social responsibility management system, and to extend this requirement to the suppliers and subcontractors.

    Jiawei Group always adheres to the concept of green and sustainable, strict implementation of national laws and regulations, in order to improve the quality of the ecological environment and ensure the safety and health of employees. The company needs to fulfill the responsibility, strengthen the leadership, and broaden the use of automated intelligent equipment. In respects of the group and the whole subsidiaries, it is required to improve the level of security management, promote environmental protection and security, facilitate the sustainable and healthy financial development, and to achieve green, low-carbon and safe development.

    Actively promote cleaner production

    Jiawei attaches importance to scientific and technological investment, improve production processes, introduce advanced production equipment, etc., actively promote clean and sustainable production.

    Establish an emergency response system to avoid the risk

    According to the results of environmental factors, hazard source analysis and risk assessment, Jiawei drafts the emergency plans for the potential events and organizes emergency drills on a regular basis.

    Perfect safety production management system

    Jiawei is able to actively develop safety and occupational health and safety management.

    The first aid training course

    Organize the first aid knowledge popularization and the training for the first aider to ensure the health of employees and good order of productions.

    ISO14001 Certificate Valid November 17, 2019
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    ISO9001 Certificate Valid November 22, 2019
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    The company has long been adhering to the 'people-oriented' management philosophy, and proactively create a good working environment so that the employee's career development can be aligned with the company's strategy.

    Company statement:

    1. The company complies with National Labor Regulations, environmental regulations and other regulations related to SA8000/BSCI.
    2. Respect for workers ' freedom. Do not use underage labor and forced labor. Do not use bonded, indentured and prison labor.
    3. Ensure the equality between all employees regardless of gender, race, religion or social affiliation, against to the discrimination.
    4. Provide safe and hygienic working and living conditions to ensure the health and safety of employees.
    5. To promote labor cooperation and respect for the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining of employees. Respect the basic human rights of employees and prohibit any form of degrading behaviour and sexual harassment.
    6. A reasonable arrangement of working hours and vacation leave.
    7. Provide reasonable salary and benefits in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations.
    8. Continuous improvement of working conditions and employee benefits.

    Caring for the employees with difficulties and making donations

    Beijing Lingguang Temple Solar Lighting Project

    In order to reflect the care of enterprise, and to demonstrate the solidarity, every employee will make 2 yuan donation for each month while company will donate 3 yuan based on the total number of employees, to build up Jiawei Employee Fund.

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